Loura Pistachio

Production Process

Production Process

In the production line, we categorized that harvested from trees in certain sizes in the sorting section by fully automatic machines and separated the waste materials of non-standard parts and skins and the dust by entering clean air at high pressure, and then the cleaned products are actually sent to the shops hygienically. The air required at this stage passes through special disinfectant filters. Such filters can remove small particles of dust.

The pistachios that are produced at this stage are in accordance with international standards in terms of shape and size and the percentage of small and closed pistachios.

The method used in this factory is to roast pistachios through hot air tunnel technology, this method causes pistachios to retain their natural nutrients, lose their moisture and have a unique taste.
In this method, it leads to the removal of all pistachio contaminants.

According to research, salted and roasted pistachios with lemon flavor are the most popular type of this product worldwide.

Laura product packaging system with the best durability using distribution systems and advanced vacuum system protects this product from any kind of contamination. In the cellophane packaging process, the company uses very different technology from others.

The company's products are sent to the market under the Laura brand. But the company also has the ability to produce the desirable products in the form of custom designs by customers.
Our company is based on two principles, quality and health combined with health.

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